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Owner Diane Simmons has more than 35 years of baking experience. Before she started Sweet Magnolia (originally in Fayetteville, NC), her decadent desserts were only available to those invited to the Simmons' annual dessert parties in South Carolina, West Virginia, Singapore and North Carolina. Now, she's bringing her sweet treats to Pennsylvania so you can enjoy these temptations in your own home whenever you desire.

Cheesecakes are my specialty! Whether you prefer a fruity, refreshing slice of a Tropical Cheesecake, or the decadent indulgence of a Triple Chocolate Cheesecake, we have desserts to delight every palate. 


Beyond cheesecakes, we offer a wide variety of cupcakes, fudge, cookies and other treats. You'll definitely find something to tempt you on our menu! We look forward to sweetening your life soon!



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